What was the most interesting project you've worked on?

Hey everyone,

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, I’m beginning to learn backend development and I got curious as to what can be achieved by someone with experience


this is a fun question so forgive me if the answer is not quite what you asked for. I once went to an interview with the Canadian space agency. They were working on code for the Mars rovers. Would have been cool to get that job.


That’s really interesting, do you know by any chance what programming language they were working with? I’ve heard Haskell is often used for those types of projects

PD: I’m sure you’ll get it next time :muscle:

this was a long time ago, when I was a Java developer. I don’t think they were using java though. It was probably C (just because of the performance they were probably needing at the time)


Awesome, thank you for taking the time to answer

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I’ve written a couple of useful CLI tools. One builds the API documentation for OpenShift from an OpenAPI 2 spec. But coding is mostly tangential to my current job role.

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I was working with team as QA / SDET with team back then and have seen pain & sufferings closely from backend team.

Any specific reason you choose backend ? Why not Full Stack with JavaScript ? You can use JS / TS both in Front end and backend, plus there are tons of jobs for Full Stack Engineers across globe with 6 figure USD salary

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That sounds really interesting, thank you for answering

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your current role?

Wow, I read the article and it sounds like an awesome project to have worked on

I just now realized I didn’t express myself correctly, I spent the last year and a half working purely on the frontend (React with TS). Unfortunately I don’t know as much backend as I would like to apply to a full stack job (but I 100% agree that’s the best choice)

My plan is to build a couple of projects on .NET Core and Flutter since I’m not as good with OOP and design patterns as I would like and then start applying again

If you have any thoughts or recommendations I would love to hear them!

From last 2+ years; I’m transitioning into “Front End Developer” role ( doing internship atm ) and focusing on React, React Native technologies.

As developer jobs are plenty with more salary while QA / SDET role is getting phased out by majority of the companies; I had decided to take this big leap to keep my career going for 1 decade more atleast.

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I feel you shouldn’t work on these technologies as you already know React, TS etc focus on learning backend technologies related to JS / TS like node.js, express and similar backend framework using JS / TS.

As you know React, you should as well consider learning React Native as it’s similar and many mobile apps now a days are built using this technique


I appreciate the feedback, thank you for taking the time to give such a thoughtful answer :raised_hands:

Multiplayer browser game with websocket

I agree 100%, I would focus first on mastering 1 language to be able to experiment some patterns, and then trying some other stuff.

By the way, OOP is not always the best pattern, imo it is overhyped boomer stuff that can be very dirty, messy and not efficient.
The more you are senior the more you keep simple,

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I write software manuals, rather than software.

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check JD Job Application for Sr. Mobile Engineer, React Native (Starlink) at SpaceX

I have strong feeling that React Native is going to rule the mobile world as who wants to hire 2 developers to build same app ? Ofcourse not if you you’ve very specific need to use Swift & Kotlin / Java and have loads of money and time :slight_smile:

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Maybe you just don’t have enough experience yet to be able to write clean and efficient OOP code.

I have enough xp to stay simple. OOP can be heavy with all unnecessary state mutatations. It is not a coincidence if new languages like Golang is replacing Java & Rust replacing C++ are not OOP focused.

OOP was necessary when unpleasant PHP, JAVA & C++ were hot

one more JD of backend engineer from a recently unicorn ( in just 18 months )

JS / TS is simply ruling both in front and backend with great frameworks. I wonder who needs to invest in some other technology; when single person can do both the tasks

check out Founding Full Stack Engineer at Ciro | Y Combinator

  • Design, build, and own large user-facing areas of the product using modern frameworks and tooling (React, Node.js, GraphQL).

Salaries and stock options they are offering to JS / TS full stack engineers now a days are insane