What did you do after you received your Front End Certificate?

Hi all,

I recently completed my front end certificate and now have to decide what to do next. I feel pretty strong in Javascript and Jquery and pretty good with HTML/CSS. My strength is definitely math and logic.

As I see it now I can either learn a framework like React or move on to some backend stuff. I already have some python experience but Node seems to be trendier.

So what did you guys do? Freecodecamp seems to be most useful for the initial front end stuff, and doesn’t seem to offer much in teaching React.

I’d love to hear any of your experiences here.

Also, does anyone have any experience with the google translate API?

There are plenty of videos on Youtube now teaching React, Node, D3, and Sass. You can consult those to start on the next certificates. You could also make a more lateral move to completing CS50.

Cool have you completed CS50 already?

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I personally started on the Data Viz section, did the first three projects, had a look at Conway’s Game of Life and noped out of it. Skipping ahead now to start the Back End section and will return to Data Viz later when the curriculum gets fleshed out more.