What's the difference between checking if a pattern exists and extracting matches?

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let extractStr = "Extract the word 'coding' from this string.";
let codingRegex = /coding/; // Change this line
let result = extractStr.match(codingRegex); // Change this line

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Challenge: Extract Matches

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Previous challenges were using regex.test(string) which checks to see if the regex matches with anything within the string, and returns a boolean (true or false) if it matches. It lets you know if there is a match.

This challenge introduces the string.match(regex) function, which doesn’t return a yes or no if it matched, but instead returns an array of actual matches.



let myString = "I have a cat";
let myRegex = /cat/;
console.log (myRegex.test(myString));   // output should be 'true'
console.log (myString.match(myRegex));   // output should be ["cat"] (an array)

Not a very useful distinction for a simple string search, but useful in more complex scenarios.


You could say the test method answers the question, “can this regex be found in the string?”, while match would correspond with “show me the appearance of the regex in the string”. test returns a single boolean, while match can contain lot of extra data, which can be useful in various cases. Its important to remember, as been pointed out above, that test is a regex method, meaning you attach it to a regex and it requires a string as argument, while match is a string method, it is attached to strings(and required regex as argument).


Appreciate the clarification

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