What's the next step?

I’m glad to say that I’ve completed Back End of FCC challenges (got certificate)
and now (roughly speaking) I’ve completed FCC.
So what’s the next step if I want to start working on profit project or become a freelancer?

p.s. If you have another suggestions -> you are also welcome! I’m curious about every :slight_smile: advice

p.s.s. I’m 17 and I’m from Russia if it matters

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Congratulations! Job well done, you definitely should be proud :slight_smile:

As far as work for non-profits go, I am unsure how this whole FCC process goes, but even before that, I would ask you the question: What do you want your next step to be?

Is it finding freelance projects? Is it trying to be gainfully employed? Internships? Are you planning to study Computer Science? Really, the most important questions is what you want to do?

Now I’m preparing for exams to go to university
So the first prerogative is to get deeper in html/css/js/node, then => learn php, MySql
And finally => how will it go, I can’t now imagine the whole picture

But now it does not matter cause I’ve already understood what should I do.
any way - thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Get on your local version of Craigslist/LinkedIn/whatever. Get your resume together. I use a spreadsheet to track every job I apply for. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs, and I’ve gotten a few of them. Don’t be discouraged if you get an interview and fail…you will fail lots of interviews. Those failures are an opportunity to learn how to pass interviews.

Eventually you’ll land something, if you’re persistent enough.
I ended up finding freelance clients by applying for jobs. Now I’ve got plenty of work, I work from home and love every minute.