What's wrong with this function?

I’m trying to find the longest word in a string, and here’s my attempt.

function findLongestWordLength(str) {
  const words = str.split(" ")
  let longest = 0;

  for(let word in words){
    if(word.length > longest){
      longest = word.length;
    return longest;

it keeps returning 1, and I’m not sure what’s wrong with the function I wrote.

In this syntax of the for loop, “word” is not the element in the array, but the index of the element.

So to get the actual word value, you need to write: words[word]

Of course, I would rather name it something like “key” or “index”

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first of all, what do you want the function to return? You want it to return the length of the longest word? Or you want it to return the WORD? If you want to return the WORD, you need to have a variable for that too, such as longestWord and assign the word to it in a cycle.

Second, after using split you get an Array, not an Object, so you should use for(... of...) instead of for (... in ...) .

Hope this helps!


Interesting, I have never heard of “for of” and “for in” loops before this question. I have always used forEach for the same functionality, guess this is a better way.

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