Where can I see my full FreeCodeCamp Profile for employers?


I have a Dev job interview soon and would like to show the employer my Free Code Camp profile and progress.

Is this possible? I am doing Front-End Free Code Camp Certification.


Click on your avatar or brownie points in the nav bar.
You can also access it directly at freecodecamp.org/yourUserName

Yes I know this thank you. But it doesn’t give a summary of my progression, just a long long list of steps I validated. This doesn’t mean a lot to an employer who needs a summary of who I am and my skills and progression.

Plus my name “fcc75396754” doesn’t mean a clue to a potential employer (internal Free Code Camp code)

On Codecademy.com, one cas have a sum up view of completed courses (in percentage) with badges etc.

I am looking for a such a view to print.


That profile is the only profile that FCC has.

This sort of thing is, of course, the point of the portfolio challenge. Why not go back and polish that up and share it?