Where Can I With Web Scraping Skill

I can scrape the web with Python and I have been reading that one could earn as a web scraper. I don’t know where to look to get freelance web scraping gigs apart Upwork, guru, and freelancer.com.

Where can I look to start earning with my web scraping skills?


Regardless of where you find jobs, you should be aware that web scrapping is illegal, unless the website specifically states otherwise or you get written permission from the owner.

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Even if the license allows it, scraping free content and framing it with one’s own ads is highly unethical. Of course there’s legit uses for scraping content, but I doubt any of these gigs are those.

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Those jobs won’t be advertised as “web scraping”.

Try looking for the standard tools of that sub-set of computing. Do searches for jobs requiring knowledge of BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Selenium, etc.

There are legitimate jobs that utilize those skills, for example, companies that want to understand who’s linking to their site for SEO utilize tools that crawl the web to build a map/graph of connections, in order to answer that question.

But you’ll need to understand the positive uses of your skillset, rather than looking for jobs that harvest other people’s sites’ information.

Thank you all for the response.

Hello :slight_smile:

I hope you are really good at data manipulation, you can find 76 pages of webscrapers on fiverr

You can have a look there for some EU details : Web scraping and GDPR
Or here : Is Web Scraping Illegal? Depends on What the Meaning of the Word Is

Web Scraping looks more “unethical” than illegal BUT it depends on HOW you collect data and WHAT you do with after. Big Corps seem to not like it at all, but think they don’t do…purely naive…I think that is closer to " world wild legal job market reality" :

More, I dont want to turn it into a “debate” but, what the “law” could do against you if, for example, you are a russian, who scrap american website and sell data to chinese companies ? It can be different if you are a US who try to scrap facebook off course.

Extend it to “ethic”…it’s your individual faith (this point can be discussed but I think it’s not what you asked for)

If you really think you want to do “legal” money with, you could start to read terms and conditions on website and possibly, ask a specialized lawyer in this field from your country (still less expensive than a bad lawsuit)

Note / iiik sorry @skaparate I didn’t reply on right line :grimacing: