I want Web Developer Job, How can i get that

I want Web Developer Job and work online from home as i am a student. i know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs, MongoDB , Php with Python Django and Flask. I think it’s difficult for me to get any Job because i’m only 15 Yrs old but all these things i have learned only because of interest

first you need to know if it’s legal for you to get a job in your country

if it is, you could start applying for jobs and receive feedback on what you need to improve

if it’s not legal you will need to wait until you are of the right age, meanwhile you could try to sell something on a store for apps, templates, things like that, or try freelancing on some freelancing service (check the term of services to know if you are old enough!), or with direct contact with clients.

meanwhile, if you are at school, do your best there, and think of continuing with college/university, an high school diploma will make so that you are preferred over who doesn’t have it, and a degree will make so that you are preferred over who does not have one, at least for now. Who knows, maybe when you are old enough for a college degree you will have already a job and choose to not do it.


Yeah it’s legal to get job at this age in India, actually i mean that i wanna work online and atleast earn as much as i can invest in myself to improve my skills.

main problem is that as i am new in freelancing, i don’t get any clients, Please Suggest me some tips to get my first few clients.

Yeah i am very motivated towards study and i knew the importance of education in today’s era.
I’m doing this all because i’m interested.

Thanks for Replying me : )

ask people if they need a website, have something you have do to show them, something like that

you can check the Developer News to read some articles about freelancing: