What do you need to do to become a 16 year old web developer?

Hi whoever is reading this, I am a 13 years of age, and want to code when I am grown up, and hopefully will at least be freelancing by 16. I right now am taking courses on CodeSchool, but I have finished the HTML course, and don’t know what to study next to help my future career along. If you guy’s could help me out, it would be much appreciated. :smile:


Perhaps you could try the curriculum here since you are already here.


Yeah, I am doing that as well. I mainly use CodeSchool, but try to use other websites to increase my learning, including free code camp. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. I didn’t expect a reply so fast.

Well, let’s see. You have approx. 2.1-3 years before you turn 16. Plenty of time to become a freelancer if you stick with it. I built a simple program for my church to open and switch between songs quickly when I was 15 (I started programming about 6 months prior). I did my first “paid” job moving a friend’s site to another host when I was 16 for $50. I also built some free plugins for people during that time. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to turn it into a business, but I at least have an idea of what’s needed.

If you want to freelance front-end work and build web pages, become very good at HTML, CSS, design, and animations. Learn how to properly code with and without a framework (i.e. Bootstrap). Learn UX, and how to take a client’s ideas (whether good or bad) and put them on a webpage that will properly reach out to their potential customers. Just making simple HTML pages isn’t going to cut it, you need to learn how to market ideas using a website as a medium.

If you want to build web applications or other types of software, you will need to progress to a real programming language (HTML and CSS are markup, not real programming languages). JavaScript is good because it is so widely used on the web, but you will do fine if you choose to learn another great language like C# or Python. If you choose this route, you will need to learn the basics of the front-end (how to build a webpage with HTML, CSS, JS), but not so much the design and UX. You will also need to learn the back-end (how to run servers and manage databases). You will have to be able to create solutions. Take a problem and craft a complete solution to solve it. For example, a library needs a way to understand its members better. You will make an app that enables the library board to properly track all the books/movies being brought out and give data analysis about them. The board can track and manage everything on a web app. Library members will be able to get notifications and order books through a mobile app. You will have to manage data storage, servers, provide data analysis dashboards, and build both front apps (a web application for the board and a mobile application for each library member). You will probably outsource the design and UX to a professional who specializes in that like above.

Just a broad overview of things I’ve picked up from my own experience and talking with my friends (one which is a president of a software firm). I didn’t really want to focus on the front-end, so I’ve been stuck in the second category which presents a ton of stuff to learn. If you decide to focus on building web pages, you can probably be able to make a part-time job out of it in a year. If you want to learn to do more, you will then have to learn so much more, and probably won’t be able to do much for several years.


Thanks so much for the input, I appreciate VERY much. I am very thankful that you took time out of your day to help me out. You answered so many questions. Again, I am very grateful. Thanks a lot.

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Again, thank you so much! I have got a lot from your post @IsaacAbrahamson

check out the @P1xt guides… they started here but when she moved over to focus on Chingu stuff she moved them over to GitHub…

lots of good free links… specially check out the get job ready stuff

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it. :smile:

Has to be checked, But I think that in most devlopped contry there’s a limit at how moch an underage can work.

I kind of remember that here, in Belgium, teenagers can only work 100 half-days a year if they’re still going to school, but to be verified. Plus the law change from country to country.


Yeah, ok, thanks for the input! I appreciate it.

You can also can try udemy.com

That is the website I’m currently using, but thanks for the input!

You can become proficient in coding way before 3 years if you’re dedicated and have enough time. From knowing nothing to being able to make a website with 5 techs (html, css, javascript + jquery, php, mysql) it took me 1 full year, with a very busy schedule cooking every morning + seeing to kids (I’m a lady, if that counts, hahah).
You just gotta keep at it, you’re still so young, it comes easier when you’re young and have less responsibility.

Hi, i am 16 and hope to be a front end developer :)! But there is a lot of challenges and somedays i get stuck on a little piece of code and my school teaches fake codings, so i started looking at freecodecamp to be a front end developer! I searched and i heard you need to learn Html, Css, Javascript to be a front end developer, hope i really do become a developer because i know HTML and now learning css then java
Hope we young people reach our dreams and goals :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response.

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