How to become a front end web developer and designer

Question: As a student/teenager, what should I do/options do I have to become a front-end web developer and designer? What colleges should I look at for computer programming? What can I do on my own in school to get a solid jump start to a career?

Background: I’m about to go into my sophomore year. I found computer programming through Khan Academy, and I flew through the beginner course in a summer. (Khan teaches JavaScript with an edited version of Processing.js) Since then, I learned through Codecademy HTML and CSS with SCSS and then jumped to freeCodeCamp. I flew through most of the beginning sets not just because I already had familiarity with most of the concepts and they’re pretty easy to begin with. I’m taking AP Computer Programming next year.

I’ve seen many questions and answers for adults in their later years wondering if it’s too late to start or other adults trying to get jobs, but I was wondering what I can do as a student.

Hey! I think that you have a lot of great opportunity ahead of you, and the fact that you are getting started so early is incredible. I am currently a student and an Information Technology major with a concentration in mobile and web development. I have learned java, Visual C#, javascript, sql, html, css, php,linux at my university. I have reached great skill level. IT, computer science, or a program like computational media(Georgia tech) would be good. Free code camp is a great way to learn but employers will always value a formal education, also you will have more research opportunities by attending a university as well.