Two main questions as a teen who is trying to learn web development

Hello freeCodeCamp Community,

I would like to say thank you for the free and useful course as well as the active community on the forum. I am a beginner web developer who just started development about a month ago. I am a 17-year-old high schooler who is interested in programming for determining if I want to do this as a major. I know I should learn to program for the experience. I know learning programming can take months. I really want a job where I can integrate my programming skills. I know there are freelancing websites where I can earn money. However, they seem intimidating projects because they require very experienced in skilled programmers. I have two main questions.

What are some other ways where I can start to earn money for the work I do? Should I focus on learning web development before trying to find a job?

I want to meet some people who share the same interest that I have in programming who roughly the same age to get me more motivated to learn. My school does not offer any programming classes. Do you guys have the idea where I could actually meet and program with people who roughly have the same programming skills?

Thanks for reading and answering my questions.


To answer your first question on earning money, your best bet would be focusing on local small businesses, and ONLY after you have a solid foundation of building websites. Making nice website is like making nice wedding cakes, no one likes crappy wedding cakes. It takes time, skill, and knowledge to build a good looking wedding cake, same with websites. Look at other websites that you really like and analyze why you like them, then implement that into your “style”.

As for your second question, if you live in a big city you’re in luck, look up your local “hackerspace” meetings, these are groups of people that meet up weekly or monthly and do cool things, not just web development or robotics. If you like web development to the point that you decide to make it your major, then find a mentor that is willing to teach you, as well as get to know people that do the same thing (it’s called “networking” and is probably the most deadliest weapon in searching for a job). If you become successful don’t forget to return the favor and become someone else’s mentor. For web development, or generally just having a fulfilling life, learn to learn and learn to teach, then learn and teach.

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Hey Colins,
I am a 14 year old and eager to learn web development but i also need company. I think i found the right match. :smiley:

Check out for programming meet-ups in your area. Many cities have Free Code Camp meet-ups too.

At our one in Melbourne, we have a guy just finishing high school who comes regularly!

Hey, I am 17 years old too! I made my first website when I was 10 with Microsoft Office, and programming since I’ve been 15. Work hard, stay motivated, and good luck.

Hey eagarcia8,

I really appreciate the advice. Thanks for replying, I will definitely look into hackerspace. I tend to get ahead of myself and think I am really good at web development, when I know I am just a beginner,


Hey blagojaovezoski,

Yeah, we can chat if you want… What time zone do you live in?

Yeah, I have already looked at, it looks like a good place to join meetups. I did not know there was Free Code Camp meet-ups. I would join and meet others on, but I feel like there are too old and I am too young for them.

Hello IsaacAbrahamson,

Thanks for the reply. 10 years old! Thats cool. I wish I could have started then. I continue to procrastinate learning, I am really trying to get motivated.


You can always contact the organiser ahead of time to find out what they think, but in my experience, age doesn’t really factor into it - Free Code Camp is meant to be inclusive, and the meet ups are supposed to reflect that openness.

The 17 year old at our meetup has also given a really good lightning talk! Don’t let age hold you back from anything (accept the usual: drinking, voting, getting a mortgage…)

Thanks, yeah I will maybe contact someone, do I need to go to meetups with having a lot of experience, or should I go with just being a beginner?

Beginners are all welcome. Especially at FCC meetups - everyone is in the same boat :slight_smile: