Breaking developer job as soon as possible

Hello everyone .
I have done here html, bootstrap , javascript and jquery parts. I am left with some portion of the whole part .Apart from that i have a knowledge of pyhton atleast below intermediate or intermediate .I am learning flask right now .I am not having degree and the other thing is that i am not having freedom .I have done home tuition job to meet my basic need for few years .I left that job .I am 24 year old and presuure of growing age and having minimum resources is distracting me too much . I found coding interesting and i am really motivated by reading post such as "Developer job without degree "…Although i am struggling with coding but i know every one do struggle at the beginning .I thought of having junior developer job and keep my learning journey with it so that i would be having freedom and resources to manage stuff for myself .I have seen free code camp curriculum its require an investment of months .Do any one here have idea how shall i reduse my learning labour to get job as soon as possible .Secondly i want to be motivated and want this learning period to become easy for myself .How can i do that .?Please advise me if you find anything in my post to be ponder about whether degree or age .

I suggest visiting your America’s Job Center… finding a job is an art that is very hard to learn.