I dropped college degree

I am from India, I have dropped college, since it seemed time wasting for me and couldn’t see my future in there…
Now I want to just start my career by getting a entry level job as Web developer, I learnt html,css,js,bootstrap. My questions are like, can i get a job? If yes then how can i get one? what should be my next steps… I really need some guidance.
I am so much confused.

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Hi @Rutvik7 !

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It is possible. It really depends on your portfolio.
I would personally learn a js framework like react or angular.
You should complete at least the first 6 certifications which is the MERN stack.

Since there is a lot of competition for entry jobs, you are going to have to research like crazy on how to prepare a portfolio, resume, how to apply for jobs, networking, etc.

There is a lot of great information on how to go through this process but you have to research it.

I would suggest looking at job requirements in your area.
Look at their tech stacks.

I would also read through the #career advice section on FCC.
There is a lot of great responses from professionals on how to get a job.

You should also share your portfolio and resume when you are ready to look for jobs so you can get feedback.

Here are some articles to get you started.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate your efforts.

Just be aware that what you’re asking here is kinda equivalent to saying “I’ve learnt how to use a spreadsheet, can I get a job as an accountant?” In both cases, I suppose you can, it’s just unlikely, so temper your expectations.