I want some advice to get my first job

Hey there guys. I’m a self taught web developer. And I’m in a so confusing state of my coding journey right now. I’ve learned web development for about a year. These are what I learned .

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Nodejs
  • Mongodb
  • Expressjs
  • React

I have no previous working experience and I’m now facing difficulty to apply for jobs as many of them mentioning that they need at least 2+ years of experience. So I’m hoping someone can help me with landing a job quickly as possible because I’m facing a fanatical difficulty right now.

HI @dilushahesaranga !

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I suggest you watch this freeCodeCamp video on how to get a developer job. It has a lot of great advice in there.

you can also read through Quincy’s book

I am going to be very honest with you.

If you need money right now to live, then landing a tech job quickly is not the answer.
The economy has been tough for the past couple of years, especially for juniors without experience.

If you need money right now, look for other non tech jobs in your area that are hiring that are in need of help. Think food service, office assistant roles. You can also look into gig economy work like uber, doordash, etc. Even look into different government jobs that are desperate need of workers.

These aren’t going to be the best paying necessarily or the most glamorous, but it will pay the bills right now.

Once you are working in one of those other jobs, then you can continue to learn and grow and apply for tech jobs on the side.

Landing a tech job when you are first starting out, will take a lot of work and rejection.
So be prepared for that.

But it is worth it once you get in.

So look at those resources I linked earlier, so you will know how to stand out as a candidate to increase your changes of landing a developer job.

hope that helps

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Noted and thanks. :grinning:
Thank you for the feedback