Am I employable?

I am fairly proficient with HTML and CSS. All I know about JavaScript is to include it in my site and do very basic stuff such as adding and removing CSS classes. I know very basic PHP. I could build a decent static site.

Is this enough to start working as a Web Developer?

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you could try, but most probable you would have a lot of trouble in finding a position. Look at job postings and see what is listed most frequently, and see if you can aquire those skills.
Most probable you would need at the bare minimum a front-end framework, generally React or Angular

Honestly, probably not. JavaScript is guts of web development.

Try to learn more JavaScript and at least React.
Then, yes.
JavaScript is the more important skill as far as i know.

Yeah, I don’t think there are many positions for someone at your level. There might be a few - some shop that wants and entry level trainee. But it would pay badly and frankly I’d be worried that they’d try to take advantage of you.

Yeah, I agree with everything everyone else has said.

But you have a good solid start. As stated, with some JS, and especially if you add a f/e framework like React, Angular, or Vue - at that point you get a lot closer. It’s still going to be hard to get a job (the first one is insanely difficult to get) but I would say that you’re becoming “employable” at that point.

I would also point out that the FCC curriculum teaches React and a credible MERN stack - a good path to employment. I’d recommend doing that, or at least something similar to that.

Thankyou all for your replies. I will take on JavaScript seriously then.

I have just found the book ‘Eloquent JavaScript’. Does anyone know if this is a good introduction to advance my skills?

I really enjoy the thought of programming. Not too bothered about using javascript for animations and stuff, but love the idea of creating apps. I really enjoyed tutorials that showed me how to use PHP to connect to and query a database. I’ve seen you can do this with JavaScript using Node. Js.

But I need to work on the basics of Javascript first I think.

Any advice on doing it with limited time as I have a full time job (45 hours a week) and a home educated 11 year old?

Many thanks.

I appreciate all feedback.

make every minute count, do not do codealongs and walkthroughs, learn stuff and build with what you learn, and learn stuff for what you want to build

Eloquent JavaScript is a well-liked resource, but I suspect that it won’t be super useful to you until you’re already starting to feel confident in your JavaScript skills. Maybe open it up every once in a while as you’re learning and see when it starts making sense and feeling helpful.

In terms of making the most of time, my biggest advice would be to strive for good focus time rather than quantity of hours. Depending on how independent your child is, maybe you could both have “concentration time” or “study time” together? On days when you can’t really sit down and fully focus for, say, an hour you can try to keep coding on your mind by doing things like listening to podcasts, reading articles (or sections of something like Eloquent JavaScript), or popping into the fourm and maybe helping some newer newbies. I’m not suggesting that there’s no benefit in spending time learning while you’re distracted or for 30 minutes at a time, but you’ll get more milage per hour if you can really sit down and focus.


I think its worth the try to find a job always… but i also believe that you should always add more qualifications, skills and continuous improvement

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