Am I job ready?

I’ve been teaching myself web development for quite a while now, and I can say that I am pretty comfortable with the basic concepts enough that I can learn the basics of a framework fairly quickly (in my opinion).

However, I have no real, professional experience at all as a web dev, and all the job postings I’ve seen have requirements that just seem unfeasible for me to fulfill or learn myself without doing actual projects. Even internships have ridiculous requirements to meet. So I’d actually like some feedback to see if I could start applying to get internships and learn further:

Here is my portfolio..

I of course have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I’ve built silly applications with React and Vue. I’ve also used pre-processors like Sass and included it in the build step of a project (maybe extended bootstrap). For backend, I guess I have a pretty good grasp of the main concepts, and I’ve built things with ExpressJS and Laravel.

I just don’t know what it takes to survive or even start as an intern. I’ve seen concepts in web development that I don’t even know how to search Google for, and I feel pretty inept. I have too many questions I can’t answer myself.



I cannot answer if you are job ready. But I noticed a few thing:

  1. You seem to manage most parts of web development fairly well.
  2. You seem to be independent and communicative.
  3. Your own site rates way above average on
  4. You seem to have passed the I-can-do-everything-level. To know you own limits is a great foundation.

Overall I should say you are on the right track :slight_smile:


I can’t give you an answer as to whether you’re employable or not.

However, from what I can see you have some solid front end development skills on display. They seem appropriate for your level but still have that “school project” kind of vibe. Not a huge deal as most companies are understanding and will take into account that you’re still a student. Also, try to showcase something outside of your studies, especially with back end related development.

Apart from that, I feel that you have the skills to gain employment via internship or even an entry level front end web dev position but…

Your job application materials are severely lacking - resume and linked in profile are pretty weak. I feel this is cutting you off before they even look at your portfolio. If your cover letters are written in a similar style, they’re probably not being read. Try to address this first and then try networking on linked in.

Some suggestions for your portfolio page:

  • Reduce the motion on the landing page. This can easily annoy recruiters
  • need a more professional theme. Limit the personal interest stuff like comics etc.
  • make the large preview images clickable links. Your demos can easily be missed on a quick glance

Hope this helps! Good luck

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Yes you are ready. I don’t know what market specifically, but in the US I’d say you could target Junior full stack roles at smaller companies.

I wouldn’t take an internship unless you start to run out of runway. Maybe 50-100 applications, assuming you get interview practice.

The only thing that maybe I had that I don’t know if you have is experience working with other devs. I did a Chingu when it was free. GitHub open source could be another option, or paying for a Chingu, or maybe just finding a similarly motivated upcoming dev to pair program something with.

When you start applying, you’ll get a good idea just by seeing if you get interviews or not. In interviews, you can get an idea on what you need to work on and/or better idea of what position you should be shooting for.

Good luck