Am I job ready?

Hello Everyone! Please i need your input in this

‘Imposter syndrome aside’
As a junior web dev,
When can I certify myself job ready for a beginner entry level job and craft a resume to start freelancing or applying for remote jobs??

When you look at job postings and think “I meet most of those qualifications”.


Even I am a junior web dev and am preparing for a full time frontend role,
Think of yourself as an elite coder and code.
Soon you will be prepared.

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Do you’ve some good quality to projects to showcase ( with GitHub as proof of your work ? ) Git commits won’t lie but resume does.

If yes, then start applying.


Good day Sir. Vik, when you say ‘projects’ does this mean having projects such as Todo app , stop -timer etc.
on my GitHub??

Or do I have to go solo and build up new projects.

Thanks for your time.

As someone who has interviewed a lot of potential junior developers, I don’t even bother looking at anything that is a classic tutorial or course project.


Really!! Okay…for some like me, who knows html, css and a bunch of Js, coupled with some understanding of React and Tailwind css, what would require of me to get that frontend position.

Thank you for your time and responses Les.

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You want to build projects that took some time to build, have some complexity to it and it would be nice if it solved some sort of problem.

Your goal as a junior is to stand out from the crowd.

Most people are only going to showcase smaller apps like todo apps, calculators, timers, etc. Those projects are good when you are first learning but not good when it comes to a job.

The reason why you want to have to projects with more substance to it is because you need to communicate two things to potential employers

  1. you are willing to learn and not afraid to tackle hard projects
  2. you are ready for the challenge of working in a full time dev environment

Showcasing small apps that don’t take a whole lot of time to build don’t inspire confidence in employers that you are ready for the job.

But if you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and buidl a couple of strong apps with some complexity to it, then that will communicate to employers that are you up for the challenge.

Also, remember what the job is really about.

You are not being hired to code all day in react, angular, etc.
That is not the job.

The job is to solve that business’ problems and work with a team to build solutions so the business can grow and make more money.

If you build projects that you can talk about in the interview and say things like, “I had this problem at work, so I built this project to accomplish X,Y,Z and it solves these problems” then that will be more impressive then saying, “I built a calculator”.

Plus, when you push yourself to build more complex projects, you will learn so much more in the process and grow a lot.

I would suggest looking at Danny Thompson’s post here for potential project ideas to look into.

Hope that helps :+1:


The aim is to

  • demonstrate that, given a problem, you can produce a solution.
  • demonstrate that you’re interested in exploring how to solve programming problems.
  • demonstrate some knowledge of tools (like git for example).
  • have something that acts as a substitute for experience.
  • have something interesting to talk about in an interview.

They don’t at all have to be polished things, or large projects. They can be tiny sketches of things, they can be unfinished.

But projects that are part of (for example) the FCC curriculum don’t really demonstrate any of the above. They’re vital for you, when learning. That’s their purpose.

Showing them off doesn’t really demonstrate thought or understanding; it’s kinda just showing your school homework. Bear in mind that you can ask ChatGPT et al to generate the code for them, and it’ll probably do a decent job of it. What ChatGPT can’t do is think about something that interests it and explore that interest via programming.

Note that freelancing normally implies lots of specialised experience, it’s not in general a beginner thing. YMMV but it’s normally done successfully only after someone has experience and contacts.


Goto YT and search "web developer projects " and see auto suggest once.

Just put yourself into hiring manager’s position and think what kind of project do you wish to see from person sitting other side of the desk ?

YT is best university to learn and build portfolio projects.

Also checkout Frontend Mentor website and its community


That’s it
I agree with you with that case.

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I don’t think so the job qualifications are written by hr, so they are never even accurate about the job.

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