Do you think i’m ready?

Hi, this is my portfolio. I just wanted to get some peoples opinions on if I’m ready to be a Junior Web Developer or not yet. I would really appreciate some feedback.

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would you be able to recreate this forum if your boss asked you to, and how long would it take you?

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Yeah I can recreate them. How much time would my boss think it should take me to make them?

Recreate it with the database and users and all that stuff too?

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Yeah I think I could.

If you really can recreate this forum with the front-end and the backend then I would guess you’re ready. You probably want to get some more experience though.

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Yeah I’m definitely going to keep trying so improve my skills like I’ve been doing everyday so far so I can get better. Thanks for the reply.

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From just the portfolio and the 3 listed projects I say no. Simply because of this:

None of the projects have any JavaScript. Unless your aiming for a Design job, having no JavaScript to “show off” is essentially a deal breaker for any current web developer applications.

There is no getting around the fact JavaScript is the language of the web. HTML and CSS are good, and can be used to build clean UI’s that can do a few things, but JavaScript is where you can make it do basically anything.

I recommend continuing learning and start diving into JavaScript.

Once you get more JS skills under your belt, and start making more interactive web-sites, and potentially learning about other technologies, start looking for jobs you’d apply to in your area. They are the #1 factor and bar for really how much you need to know to get a Jr Web Developer job. Its possible you might be lucky and find lenient job requirements for jobs that can teach you more, its also possible there are few jobs and the few jobs left are in high demand and are asking for a lot more experience. Adjust your goals with those in mind. Nothing impossible, but depending on the job situation, some have it easier than others, and those with the hardest jobs to get just need to learn and do more to meet the requirements.

Until then keep learning and keep building! Good luck!


Yeah I know I should get better at JS. I’ve started re-going over the JS sections on free code camp. Hopefully not too long from now I’ll have some JS projects on my portfolio too. Thanks for your honesty.

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Based only on your portfolio I would also say probably not ready.

I feel like it should be hosted somewhere other than in a pen. Plenty of free places to put it: github pages, netlify, firebase…

Also seems to be issues on small screens. When I view it on my phone the left project is almost totally cut off and i can’t scroll to it and the landing page project has the text in the label cut off.

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Yeah I didn’t know how to host it any other way besides codepen. I’ll try github pages. I’ll also try to fix those things so they’re more mobile friendly. Thanks for letting me know.

how if you said below you are not that confortable with javascript nor know how to host your projects?

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Oh, well actually no then. I still need to learn that stuff.

how much of the freecodecamp curriculum have you completed?

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I’m on APIs and Microservices Certification. I didn’t really understand the JS stuff before that but I get the projects done with the help of youtube tutorials.

when you are able to do the projects on your own from scratch, instead of with a tutorial, using the Read-Search-Ask method as needed, then that’s good progress

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Thanks.

Actually I have Visual Studio Code. Where should I host it if I use that?

VSCode is just your IDE/editor used to create what you build. It has no impact on where/how you host what you build.

There are plenty of hosting options, some of which are free. (as mentioned in the DZamora54’s post) Look into those options and how to use them to host what you build besides using codepen to build+host.

Good luck!

Alright got it thanks.