15 year old frontend dev

Hi guys I’m a 15 year old boy. And I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS and basic react. The question is am I allowed to work as a freelancer, if yes… do you have any advices to make more clients ?
thank you happy coding

If your 15, I’d check your local labor laws, its possible you might be under aged and thus it will be illegal to get paid to work officially in any capacity.

Assuming it is legal, or you just wait a few years before trying you can still use the following advice.

Difficulties with freelancing usually lay in the “non-technical” challenges, rather than any technical skills. There are multiple other factors in freelancing successfully, such as:

  • How much you need to get paid to make it worth your time
  • What kind of jobs you can actually do
  • What kind of time you have if your only doing this part time
  • Competing against other freelancers in the market
  • Managing the clients you do get
    • learning what they want
    • being able to execute what they want
    • managing changes made by the client over time
    • managing handing off your work with the client
  • Managing your own finances

Freelancing is as much a business as it is about doing the work. Finding the work, getting the work, doing the right work, and doing it in such a way it doesn’t waste you or the clients time is just as if not more important than the work itself.

You could use an online freelance site, however this means you end up competing for work in a “public marketplace”. A more “direct” approach might be possible where you manually hunt down companies/people who need work. In general both approaches have pros and cons.

Freelancing stands in stark contrast than having the usual 9-5 job, where you just need to do the work, and others manage all the other “business” side of things.

Good luck, keep learning, and don’t forget be sure to check your local labor laws so you don’t try to work when its actually illegal.


If it is legal as per your country law, then you need to make an account on Freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork. With your skills, clients will be attracted automatically.

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