Where does projectname variable gets stored

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where does projectname variable gets stored?

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Can you please give more information as to what your question is?

where is {projectname} saved cause its nots mentioned on the readme

Hello there,

I suggest you give this lesson (potentially the one before it) a refresher:

Hope this helps

My only questions is that does the projectname get stored on the issues schema cause the documentation doesnt mention adding it to anything

projectname does not get stored in your database. It is the variable name of the object used to pass the other information around such as issue_title.

Hope this clarifies

i got get and post working
my server is heroku and it passes all tests?

i havent written any tests or put and delete yet

Do i need to save projectname to mongo or only the fields

Gonna need a lot more info than that.

I wanna know where exactly projectname is stored

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Still not following at all. What is “projectname”? What lesson are you talking about? What is mongo? What fields are you talking about? There is zero information here.

There are hundreds of lessons on FCC, you need to specify which one it is and what you’re trying to do.

Im talking about issue tracker

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