Where to claim certificate

I have completed all of the exercises for Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures. I have no idea how to claim my certificate. I can’t find it anywhere but I swear there was just a spot for it in the settings.

Just scroll for a while.

I saw that earlier. It is no longer on my settings page.


It’s not there and I’m confused

Did you set your profile to private? That will disable certificates.


As you can see here, everything is set to public

I would try logging out, doing a hard refresh, and logging back in. (The online version of turning it off and back on again.) If the problem persists, you can report it as a GitHub Issue.

@ArielLeslie Unfortunately, I’ve done all of that, including using a different web browser. I’m not sure what’s wrong

Even with as extensive beta testing as FCC did, it’s impossible to do a big migration like this without encountering some bugs. The team will be putting out small fires as quickly as they can for a while.

Thank you so much for your help. I will create a github issue


This was working fine for me, until I finished a certificate then everything went haywire.

Old user had a couple of algorithms done in the previous FCC and finished the rest on the updated FCC

Exact same screen as @swagmoney1606

How to get responsive web Design certificate

once you have completed the projects, you can claim it in the settings

I can see show certificate option only

then you have already claimed it
to see it you also need to make your profile public

I mean to download if possible

you can screenshot it, or use Ctrl+P to print it to PDF