Where to use React

So I am in the React and Redux section of the fCC curriculum and am making my way through wrapping my head around React.

What I’m struggling with, and I know this will likely vary depending on what it is needed for, is where you would use React?

For example, do you build your entire website using React or just the parts that require user interaction?

I have limited experience, but I try to use react for all of my projects. It keeps everything nicely packaged and easy to maintain. Sure is easier to manage than a sea of html :slight_smile:

So to clarify, your entire website will be React enabled and broken down into components? Not just having say a website and then the search bar is react?

Personally, I would make the whole thing in react. That way, when you go to edit something, you know it is controlled by react instead of stuck in html somewhere.

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A key use-case of React would be a website with dynamic content. If your making a portfolio you could totally do without React. Facebook is built with React, and it is very dynamic, compared to your average website.

I would consider most if not all of React apps to be built in React, I see little to no reason to have only parts of the app in React. I can see React being integrated for specific parts of a large website, but I would see that more as a special case, rather than the norm.

A good way to look at React is as a way to build applications by using React to handle the UI in a clean straight forward manner. The key part is application, which usually requires dynamic data, UI, and content, all of which requires dynamic UI, which thus leads back to React.

PS. I am not a React guy I am an Angular guy, but they are both front-end frameworks (or React is a lib if you must call it that)

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