Should I use React?

I am going to start developing an application similar to Uber in the sense that a ‘customer’ can request a job/service and a registered ‘worker’ can accept the request if they have the skills/requirements to fulfill the customers request.

For now I am focusing on a website for the customer where they can request a ‘worker’ for a particular job/service.
The main component will be a form where they can input the job/services they require, their name, contact details, etc.
However the majority of the website will be static content explaining how to use the website as well as SEO content.

I really enjoy using React and want to improve my React skills however it seems that only the input form takes advantage of React.
Disregarding the SEO issues with a client-side rendered website, Is it bad practice to develop the whole website in React even though it is majority static content?

Would another framework like Vue suit my needs better?

Looking for some feedback on what path I should take to build this application, also not sure if I am providing enough information to receive valuable feedback so ask questions if my brief is not clear.


Is it an application or a website? It sounds like an application. You can tell ReactDOM which element to render to, you could make the whole rest of the website static and just render your application to a specific element if you want. But the application sounds different to the website, try to keep them as separate things as much as possible.

Much of a muchness, it’s still a single page app framework.

You could use a framework like nextjs for server side rendering

You can use react! Since from what I’m getting, you’re building a SPA, You can do it with create react app. It’s your app so you can have the tech that you like, with limited constraints. And if you’re app is content heavy, I recommend using markedjs. :slight_smile:

And then when you’re comfortable with React, you can transition to server side react framework with Next.js.

Thanks for the feedback and input. I am going to do some further research before I decide which tech to use.

Use Gatsby withNetlify? Seems perfect for this.

It is better at helping you troubleshoot layout and view related issues by allowing you to nicely inspect UI elements. React Native and Titanium are nevertheless very similar Frameworks. Both are written in JavaScript and produce native applications, both are fast and both have the ability to deploy on iOS and Android.