Why not always useing Next.js instead of React.js?

Hi Friends,

is there any reason why some people useing React.js instead of Next.js? I mean Next.js is the better option for building SEO friendly websites and it gives us a lot of features we do not have within React.

I dont see any reason why someone is building a whole website just with React. It can make sense useing React when we build individual components which we integrate in Wordpress for example, but besides this is there any reason why to only use React?

Moreover React was developed by Facebook in order to simplify the architecture of there application, but how did Facebook manage the rendering process with React before there was Next.js available?

In other words, how did Facebook manage SEO just by useing React?

Thanks for your opinion!! :slight_smile:

Next.js is using React. And React has support for SSR.

Not every website is built from scratch.

I don’t think React would be the best choice for this in 2022.

Which framework is the “best” at any given time is completely based on developer preference and, to a lesser extent, specific project needs.

I’ve never had to build something that implemented SEO, so I can’t provide any insight into how most React shops deal with it.

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