Whether I should take offer or wait...?

Today’s Interview- How it went?

A developer came to take interview.He looked through my resume.Then he asks me to write program to find number of even pairs of palindrome in a string of 12 character. He then goes outside cabin. I started to solve…

The problem with me is my efficiency and mind always decreases when I am under pressure! I hate pressure! Though I managed to write the program,he then ask me to explain the algo. I explained him. He again went outside. After few minutes.he came and said actually we are looking for some experienced developer in angular and since you are not experienced candidate so we are sorry
I said it’s ok and then I asked him to give some feedback on interview and I just added that although I have not experience in angular but I have good knowledge of javascript and I know React! If I am given chance I can difinitely build the required skills in short time. He was little convinced (also it seemed there was some urgent need for developer), so he asked me about Prototypes. Luckily I just read about that in Kyle Simpson’s book “You don’t know JS”. I was explaining him,in between, he went outside. After few minutes,HR came and asked me about salary expectations if I got selected!
Before going to interview I discussed this with my friend. He said that if they will ask say 5 lacs(per annum)[INR],I told her 4.5 .
So after few minutes HR came and asked me to go to another round with Vice President.
He was mainly asking about the reason why I left my previous job(I had worked for 8 months in IT company,I resigned in Nov 2015, bcz of the hell IT culture and I had some plans of business which didn’t worked out!! yes! I know I have to again go to same environment,maybe even worse bcz small comapies here have worse working environment). He said he is looking for experince dev and I am not experienced. I tried to convince him I can learn,and I told him about the work I done as part of FCC. But he seems only be interested in some real time project which I delivered to client!
Anyhow he came to salary negotion part! He asked me.I said 4.5. After some discussion I throw the question on him,how much he want to offer. He said since I am unexperienced,so he can offer some thing 2 - 2.5!!
It went on! I tried to negotiate but he finalised it to 2.5 only!
Now they have said to wait till monday.After discussion with the director(he was not their today) they will confirm it!

I was checking the company’s review on glassdoor website,there were some reviews only.And most of the reviews from employees either working there or previous employees, were very negative. Like very long working hours, seniors don’t help…etc,etc. I think this is very common in IT industry!This was the only reason I left my prev. job! But the problem is I think in beginning,it’s going to be like this.
This is the problem! I love coding.I love making things. But I hate pressure.I hate shitty working environment! I hate office politics. But this is part of the parcel! So think we have to face it.

I am pretty confused about this job?Whether I should take it if they call on Monday?? Or I should wait and keep working on skills and wait for some better offers in future? What you people think?? Can you all think of some PROS and CONS?
And what you people think of IT culture and work environment,and how we can manage this?

I would accept the offer based on the idea that regardless if you stay there or not, you can build up industry experience and have something more to put on your resume.You never know, this may be the stepping stone to something great.

Please take the offer. Find out things for yourself and not through reviews. No matter the outcome, good or bad, one thing is certain. you will grow! that’s what you should look out for.

My gut feeling I don’t know why is not to join!! I am still not able to make up my mind!Anyways…thaks a lot for your advices @TheWill4u and @FrankDupree

i say take it, its just something to add to ur resume and get more skilled while ur on the job. then job search later