Which Animation on Scroll library uses this website? / Recomendation on best animate library?

In the past I have used Animate.css library with AniView, the later adds Javascript to animate the first one on scroll. But it has a problem: it creates a div (av-container av- av-visible) which can break the layout like this:

Now the animation used here don’t seem to generate extra divs like that:

Do note current webpage doesn’t have any longer the layout, hence I’m linking to Wayback machine mirror. This is an example of the classes used in the animations

<div class="split-item-image split-item-image-fill reveal-scale-up is-revealed" data-reveal-container=".split-item" data-reveal-delay="200"><img src="/web/20201123092442im_/https://magicflow.io/static/images/landing/feature_2.png" alt="No more guesswork" width="528" height="396">

So bottom line do you happen to know which library uses those animation classes or do you recommend a library which doesn’t generate problems with the layout?
I did google but haven’t tested yet all of the mentioned here CSS Animation Libraries | CSS-Tricks