Which coding bootcamp in Europe to go for?

I am considering a coding bootcamp in Europe because I would like to continue my career in an European country. Can anyone recommend a good coding bootcamp / has an overview of the coding bootcamps there?

There are many coding bootcamps in Europe - London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Warsaw etc - thus I recommend to think about what is most important for you:

  • Syllabus : what tech you want to learn? JavaScript, PHP, Python? Or something less usual?
  • Length: Some programme are 8 weeks, some 12 weeks, some are less intense but longer (5/6 months)
  • Teachers: are they experienced programmers? or will you be mentored by last batch graduates?
  • Class size: some have 15 students, some have 40 students. Check the instructor to student ratio.
  • Quality: do they hold any open classes? can you visit the campus and see it in your own eyes? are they answering your questions in detail?
  • Location: would you want to search for a job there after the programme? The bootcamps will always have the best linkages with the local companies. Is the local tech market active? What is the unemployment rate in the specific country? [Note: I was really interested in one of the Barcelona bootcamps but it is really hard to get a job in a country where the youth unemployment rate is 40%].

Get in touch with the bootcamps, ask questions and think of what is the best for you. Good luck!!

@camperextraordinaire Thank you. The Coding Bootcamp Praha programme looks very good, definitely going to dig deeper on this one! But that forum seems to be bit old, so Id still be grateful for any fresh ideas by anyone here.

Hi @JoanWhite.

We do a JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp in Barcelona Code School. And yes, we are in Barcelona.

The course is full-time, lasts 9 weeks, is in English and we provide a job placement. We mainly focusing on React eco system, teaching JavaScript, Node, Express, Mongo, Meteor and React.js + React Native.

During the bootcamp students build full-stack web and native mobile apps and learn all the practical skills to either apply for a job, start freelancing or build their own product.

If you are interested take a look at the bootcamp’s page.


Hi! There are many coding bootcamps in Europe and there isn’t an absolute “best” choice. Each person might have a different background and goals.

I’m one of Codeworks co-founders. We’re located in Barcelona (Spain), and teach JavaScript for the full stack. Our program is more intensive and selective than most other bootcamps in Europe and the US. Obviously the outcome is proportionally more rewarding too.

On the other hand, I think it’s amazing that there are lighter programs out there, since they might be a better fit if you’re exploring the coding space and are not considering a career in tech yet.

We teach 100% in English, have a strong pre-coure, run classes 11 hrs per day, 6 days per week, for 3 months, with top-tier instructors and a curriculum that will challenge your learning limits.

You can find some metrics here: https://codeworks.me/faq

Our course is comparable with Hack Reactor for JavaScript and App Academy for Ruby in the US.

To be honest, it’s quite challenging to get admitted into these programs. Our acceptance rate for example is currently around 5%, but if you’re motivated and looking for excellence you should try!

You can find more info about the program here: https://codeworks.me/program

Hi George. I sent an email through your contact form.
Hit me up in case you need TA/Tutor.
I’d be great to be able to spend some time helping you develop students.

Hi Alessandro. I sent an email through your contact form.
Hit me up in case you need TA/Tutor.
I’d be great to be able to spend some time helping you develop students.

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Bootcamp managers / owners will always claim they run the most intensive, the leading, the best, the most updated, the strongest, the only one, etc…Some of them have never actually gone through their own coding bootcamp themselves (or any bootcamp actually).

The most independent voices are the alumni network of each school. People who actually invested their time and savings and went through the whole experience. So I believe Switch up and Course Report (two of the most serious webs listing Coding Bootcamps Reviews) are the best sources to learn about what program would be the best fit.


Just change the city in the URL and spend some time reading the opinions carefully. Most of them are really thoughtful and provide valuable insights. :metal:

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Hi there, I have graduated from the Coding Bootcamp Praha and I loved it there but I think you should do your research for yourself because its a big step and i dont think there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to education. Why I joined this bootcamp was mainly for two reasons:

  1. They have very experienced instructors (no past graduate as many other bootcamps I visited when researching)
  2. They have good results & good reviews. You can find tons of these online: http://codingbootcamp.cz/reviews I also really loved the fact that they got selected among the top IT educational programmes by the MIT and for me that gives it even more credibility than reviews (see here: https://bit.ly/33KGAV5).

A disclaimer - im a past graduate, just came across this randomly :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, good luck!

I taught two bootcamps for a major bootcamp provider.
My humble advice is: spell out EXACTLY WHY you want to do a bootcamp. The choice will be easy then.
Normally you will find a pretty similar outcome in most of all the reputable bootcamps, so chose by duration and cost. This is because outcome is mostly dependent on a student’s attitude for a good 70%, then on the teacher’s teaching skills for 20%, then lastly on the curriculum for a mere 10%. The longer and the more expensive, the better for a hard career switch or coming from zero knowledge. Also, longer bootcamps dedicate more time to preparing you for the job interview. If you are in the profession an want to add tech/language to your quiver or you are up-skilling, go for the short/budget ones.
That’s my 2 cents and YMMV.

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