Which coding bootcamp in Europe to go for?

Which coding bootcamp in Europe to go for?
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I am considering a coding bootcamp in Europe because I would like to continue my career in an European country. Can anyone recommend a good coding bootcamp / has an overview of the coding bootcamps there?


There are many coding bootcamps in Europe - London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Warsaw etc - thus I recommend to think about what is most important for you:

  • Syllabus : what tech you want to learn? JavaScript, PHP, Python? Or something less usual?
  • Length: Some programme are 8 weeks, some 12 weeks, some are less intense but longer (5/6 months)
  • Teachers: are they experienced programmers? or will you be mentored by last batch graduates?
  • Class size: some have 15 students, some have 40 students. Check the instructor to student ratio.
  • Quality: do they hold any open classes? can you visit the campus and see it in your own eyes? are they answering your questions in detail?
  • Location: would you want to search for a job there after the programme? The bootcamps will always have the best linkages with the local companies. Is the local tech market active? What is the unemployment rate in the specific country? [Note: I was really interested in one of the Barcelona bootcamps but it is really hard to get a job in a country where the youth unemployment rate is 40%].

Get in touch with the bootcamps, ask questions and think of what is the best for you. Good luck!!


Doing a search of the forum resulted in the following thread on this very topic.


@randelldawson Thank you. The Coding Bootcamp Praha programme looks very good, definitely going to dig deeper on this one! But that forum seems to be bit old, so Id still be grateful for any fresh ideas by anyone here.


The thread originated last year, but it did have 2 newer posts in the past week.


Hi @JoanWhite.

We do a JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp in Barcelona Code School. And yes, we are in Barcelona.

The course is full-time, lasts 9 weeks, is in English and we provide a job placement. We mainly focusing on React eco system, teaching JavaScript, Node, Express, Mongo, Meteor and React.js + React Native.

During the bootcamp students build full-stack web and native mobile apps and learn all the practical skills to either apply for a job, start freelancing or build their own product.

If you are interested take a look at the bootcamp’s page.