Which JS testing library do you use at work?

I’m interested in knowing which JS testing library do you use at work? do you like it? and why so? do you think it is good for working in teams? do you think other developers might like or dislike your choice? and why? (blog links explaining your point of view in more detail is appreciated)

I’m asking these questions as I need to take a couple of shortcuts since I have a project in mind and I want to do everything in it the right way.

thank you for your valuable time campers :slightly_smiling_face:

We use Jasmine and Karma. It’s ok I guess, but I can’t say I particularly like anything about it.

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is there any reason you use those exact two? and why two libs why not just one?
I apologize if these are too many questions :sweat_smile:

I wasn’t part of that decision. It predated me at this company.

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