What are some libraries you use a lot at work?

Besides the core ones like React/Redux, Express, Mongoose, what else do you use a lot?

I just used Axois for a personal project and can tell that one will receive heavy usage.

I know that Lodash is used a lot for its utility functions. I have used it a couple times so far for little things.

Are there other libraries you guys use a lot that are noteworthy for juniors?

Checking out several pages of NPM I have added these to my list:

Aws (and aws react version)

Our UI is a hybrid AngularJS and Angular project. The top libraries that come to mind are Material, Gruid UI (although we’re moving away from it), Mapbox GL, Lodash, and Bootstrap (although we’re looking at moving away from it).

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Another Angular Dev here.

We use Angular, and we used Angularjs and generally Angular material for UI.
Outside of “Angular” related stuff we usually use Typescript, which id argue is very useful for any JS project, and will only rise in popularity as time goes on. (Any serious project should probably use Typescript, it scales far better than JS)

We use a Nodejs backend (also built on typescript), and even have a smaller internal project running on NestJs

I personally do not recommend lodash, it will bloat your codebase for a few utility functions, and modern JS provides plenty of utilities to handle basically any use-case. I would recommend getting down most of the common JS API’s for modern Javascript before jumping into any libs. There’s a lot out there, and since the “framework wars” are more or less over, Knowing React+Redux should be enough for a good while. (Or one of the alternative web frameworks like Angular)

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