Which kinds of domain names work best for personal websites?

I am working on launching my personal website via AWS Lightsail right now, and it occurred to me that I should put some careful thought into choosing a domain name. My site will have a form for users to reach me for projects, but I am also going to be using it as my resume to get my first developer job.

Does anyone know of a resource that has data on which URL’s yield the best results? Got anecdotes about what has worked for you?

Some version of your real name is the way to go if you are using it as your first point of professional contact.

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I agree, unless you have a company name idea use your real name. Its more personal and it may even make you work harder considering your good name is on the line. ^^

Def your full real name or some permutation of it. If your name is John Smith, then check is johnsmith.com is available. If it’s not, start checking other top level domains like .net or .io, etc.

If nothing like that is available, start doing jsmith.com etc.

You want to start building your personal brand, and part of that is having your website pop up at the top of a google search for your name. Domain age (how long you’ve had the site up) and amount of content all play a role, so pick a domain, get it up and get some content on there!