Which Language is the best?

I am aiming to become a Web dev and Game Dev.

I have read many topics based on web-dev but still, I am not cleared. I Think HTML, CSS, JS is fine.

For Game Dev,
I am totally new. what language should I learn to become a skilled game-dev

Any Answer is Helpful


it depends on what kind of games and what engine

for example for Unity you would need C#


Thank you.
Is there any common language that dev should before creating a game using any engine?

The is no One True Language for game development, or any other sort of development. There are lots of ways to code up a game.


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I will see on Youtube for Unity.

it’s not even the engine you necessarily want to use, that one is for 3D games

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For a 2D game what can be used?

My answer would be equivalent to me Googling that question for you. Do you have any questions about what results you get from using the search term ‘2D game engine’?

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No thank for your guide

I have not used it yet, but if your looking for some overlap between web & game dev, http://phaser.io/ is a way to make games with an html framework.

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Thank you,
I will check it.

I like.
It is Nice.
Thank you @DavidMatthewFraser


I do not know what your current skill set and/or expertise is, but for front-end web development you need to know HTML, CSS and JS. A very good understanding of those 3 plus a framework like Phaser, already mentioned by @DavidMatthewFraser, would be a good starting point for making web-based or browser games.

Game development in general is something else entirely. What platform do you have in mind? Desktop, laptop, smartphones? What OS? Windows, Mac OS X, linux or all of them? You’ll be probably looking at Java for smartphones and C++ or C# for the rest.




Thanks for your answer.
I am looking for Smartphone games and Desktop like a cross-platform.
What framework is best for cross-platform?



Sorry, but I can’t help you there. I am not into game development, I don’t even play games.
Are you just starting with development? If so, stick to one thing at the time.
Spend a couple of months with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. After that study half a year Javascript and then some JS frameworks. That is just the front end. If you want to become full-stack like your bio mentions: you will probably need another 6-12 months for the back-end.


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Thanks for the Advice,

Adding to the existent advice, you could look for requirements in the existing jobs postings.

For the little that I know from this market, Unity and Unreal engine seems to be the most popular frameworks for game development. Unity allows you to develop using C# and Javascript while Unreal Engine uses C++.

I am not sure, but I think that for IOS devices there is a native solution offered by Apple.

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