Which one is better for a beginner? From scratch or CMS

Hi guys… I am newbie to web development . I successfully completed html5 css and basic js … and learning jQuery now. Now i heard about CMS (wordpress, joomla,…) which have a tons of template in it. I tottaly confused that why have i to learn these stuffs unnecessarily?

It depends on what are you aiming for in your future dev job :wink: It’s nice to have Wordpress (etc.) but most companies, as far as I know, value more candidates who have JS- one could say that JS (and other languages) are essential for a programmer while WP (etc.) aren’t or are for only certain jobs.

Why not learn both? The more you know the better :slight_smile:

To a beginner, what will you suggest to learn first.?
If i start to learn web development with CMS as my first foot step, does it be a right choose?

If you are aiming for Front End, learn HTML & CSS- those are basics. I’m pretty sure they are required for any Front End dev job :wink: Better? Learn JS which is hard but brings on a huge profit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems you’re still new to Web Development so your comment is quite missing the main point. HTML / CSS / JS are for Front-End while PHP / MySQL / CMS are for Back-End. Not sure about other areas, salary for Front-End Beginner in South FL starts around 30-40k while Back-End can get up to 50-60k, so even just WordPress builder, note that I purposely said builder not coder, you still able to get 40-50k. Why? Very simple, WordPress Builder still need to handle HTML /CSS / JS and that’s why the salary is higher. If you’re PHP Developer, salary can be 80k+ or even over 100k…
To answer to OP, to become WordPress Beginner, you should have good understanding of HTML/CSS even there are millions free basic WordPress themes out there for you to play with, you still need to use HTML/CSS for Front-End changes in order to meet customers’ needs. To become WordPress Intermediate, you have to be able to install and configure complicated WordPress themes or build a theme from scratch, of course salary is higher too. There is almost no job for WordPress Advance because at this level, most companies would instead hire PHP Developers who can write codes to create WordPress Plug-In or APIs…
JS is higher level compare to HTML/CSS but it’s mostly for Front-End. Even now they have NodeJS but most companies rather use PHP for Back-End even just some simple MVC like these:
Even they might look simple to you, companies paid me couple grands for each, instead only couple hundred for HTML/CSS/JS web pages…
Anyways, hope this would help OP understand and have better view in each…


Well, I spoke in generalized terms about situation in my local job market. Maybe in USA it’s different but here WP job offers are scant and always come with baggage of different languages (like HTML/CSS previously mentioned by both of us :wink: ), JS devs on the other hand earn huge amounts of money. On other things I was clearly mistaken so thanks for straightening things out.

Can you cite that? According to the stack overflow study, JS is used more for both:



Hey, I didn’t try to pick on you but rather tried to provide OP a vision so he can determine which route to go for. Yep, JS is used more than any other web languages because out of 10 websites, more than half would be personal or small business which mostly focus on Front-End and no need for Back-End, but did you actually do some research in your area to compare the salary between JS and PHP Developers?

Heh heh heh… heh heh heh…
I think you conflict yourself because based the sample you posted, I’m still right as PHP is 31% while Node.js is only 13% on Back-End. Likewise, top companies using NodeJS does not mean more companies using it, right? Anyways, I agree that NodeJS and Python are on the rise so they would pass PHP any time soon but not right now… :wink:

Isaac Abrahamson, please update the link (new is outsourceit.today/comparison-open-source-web-crawlers/)

Learn both. How more knowledge how better. But it’s always better to learn the fundamentals of webdeveloping more then the things that are already ready.

@ped4enko The link you listed isn’t the original post I linked to. Here is an archived link you can visit to see the original post I referenced: https://web.archive.org/web/20171012202348/https://medium.com/@pedchenko/top-5-companies-using-nodejs-in-production-9c9e0df4e8ab

If you are the original author, you’re suspended from medium. If you give me the link to the correct article, I’ll definiteliy update it.