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Hi guys. I want to be a web developer. I can do html css bootstrap very well but thats not enough for my dream. I started learning php codeigniter but cant understand anything. I cant find any way :pensive::pensive:. Pleaseee help me :pleading_face::pleading_face: guide me something.

I would say that your question is broad. Maybe too broad.

Without knowing more I should start looking at https://www.w3schools.com

And note that there are at least three levels of “web developers”.

  1. CMS (Wordpress & Co)
  2. Framework (Angular & Co)
  3. Vanilla (html, CSS and Javascript)

Please ask more specific if you want good answers…

If you want to be a web dev then learn JS first instead of PHP, specially if you want to be a front-end. As you already know HTML, CSS and Bootstrap I would invest time in learning JS.

Then after If you want to go the Wordpress route and wants to work on the back-end then learn PHP and Laravel.

What kind of projects do you see yourself doing? What kind of projects do you enjoy? If you’re more visual and want faster visible and tangible progress, focus on learning JavaScript and get acquainted with a front end framework. Top three in the industry right now are Angular, React and Vue. Look at the job demand in your area. I live in London UK and React is by far the most dominant one in the job market. For you it may or may not be different, depending on where you live.

Does backend development matter to you? If not, then I would not worry too much about learning the backend. If you are interested in backend though, I would definitely learn PHP as a junior as it powers 80% of the web, which means jobs galore. Also a lot of developers hate PHP so that gives you an opportunity to shine and get your foot in the door as a new developer. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Codeigniter right now, focus on the core basic language first. Also, your general understanding of programming will improve after you pick up one language and learn its concepts. So if you get familiar with JavaScript now, learning PHP later on will be much easier.

@pochhhhh …“I would definitely learn PHP as a junior as it powers 80% of the web”…

Where did you get this 80% from? Do you have any source/reference?

A little googling shows he’s right.



I did actually Google it, but I did not find what I was looking for quick enough.

That is quite interesting, I did not know that the number would be that high.

Yeah, It had a good head start… since circa mid-90s.

It was the open source’s alternative to the VB scripting language at that time, ASP (Active Server Pages)… except PHP runs on open source server Linux instead of expensive Microsoft Windows Servers.

They share some similarities, like being a page-centric scripting language, both interpreted language (not compiled), even similar in use of open/close tags (to tell the server, okay the following is not HTML code anymore but interpret it as PHP/ASP code).


<% asp code here %>


<? php code here ?>
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I am looking for web designer to work on project, simultaneously can help to learn code