What do you think about PHP

I need to study PHP for web development is it a good start?

Well it depends. PHP is used in some regions and in other regions not so much. You need to search for jobs in your region and see how much do they ask for PHP. As a trend, I noticed that is not used as much as it was in the past, but if you can find jobs in your region, why not learning it?

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You don’t “need” to study PHP, but it is a useful and widely used language. A lot of PHP work currently happens around Wordpress, although they are slowly moving away from it from what I can tell. The main thing is learning programming concepts that can be applied to any language. If you learn PHP it will make it easier to get a handle on other languages.

That all being said, PHP is not something I would use my time on. There are less learning resources and networking opportunities. You can find so much stuff on JS and so many people willing to help. Whatever you go with Good Luck!!

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i dont like it, too many dollar signs… better to start with JavaScript in my opinion…

Hey @Calemera,

PHP is a backend only language - I assume you know that.

If you have not already become proficient HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery you should do that first. FreeCodeCamp is an excellent place to do that!

Once you can do all the basics of frontend development you can start thinking about backend languages, but learning backend first really is putting the cart before the horse.

If you are already familiar with frontend development then I would say PHP is a good language to have in your toolbelt. Many websites, and not just WordPress use PHP. According to this article 78.9% of all websites worldwide are using PHP in 2020.


I am a PHP developer, I use it most every day. But it would be useless to me without HTML and Javascript/jQuery - I mean totally useless, so if you are not there yet, get your frontend experience in place first.

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