Php or JavaScript

Both of them i dont know , So which one i have tO study first php or js

Javascript first, and then PHP.

I have a successful coding uncle, and he said to learn JS first, because it is the foundation to learning all the other similar languages. Once you’ve learned JS, it’s easier to learn the others.

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Hi @zayn welcome to the forums!

So the reasoning behind which you’d want to learn first depends on your goals. Generally learning how to program is more important than the language you use to learn it.

However assuming you want to learn web development, I’d go for JavaScript because it has more resources online (it is the language of the web). However if your planning more on doing something like being a Wordpress dev, then I’d learn both, as that platform uses both.

JavaScript is one of the best starter languages due to its accessibility. There is endless documentation on learning the language online.

PHP is less popular, and has somewhat a negative reputation among web developers due to being an inconsistent language. JavaScript has some of these flaws here and there, but a lot of those problems are well documented and multiple features have been added to prevent more issues down the line.

So yes, learn what you want, but between the two and if your doing web development learn JavaScript.

Good luck, keep learning, and keep building!

Yes, this is true. I looked at Java and Python just to see what it looks and I completed the drag and drop questions and got 100% with no prior knowledge. Just different syntax.


I learned JavaScript then PHP. I just want to let you know that they are very similar. So if you know one of them learning the other one will be very easy.