How Should I Study for becoming a Web Developer?

I just graduated from the school last year. My major is computer science. I spent 4 months last year to study HTML5/CSS and some javascript and jQuery. Then I got a Web Accessibility job this early this. Because of moving and traveling, I lost my job. Until this August, I finally settled down in the new location.
I want to improve my web developer skills. But I now struggling with my learning strategy. Currently, I am studying in PHP. I can build a blog/cms using PHP. But I heard JavaScrip/jQuery/Ajax is kind of foundation of web development. I don’t know lots of Javascript. Should I stop learning PHP? and move to recap and learn Javascript? My Question is what is good learning strategy for becoming a web developer?

Have you even looked on the forums? @P1xt has put three guides.

Here’s a first here .

If you simply search PHP you’'ll find a thread that discusses exactly your concerns.
If you look up Ajax/ Javascript you’ll find so much you can only realise that it’s a big deal here.

PHP and JS are two completely different animals with completely different purposes. PHP is used on the server-side, whereas JS is (mostly) used on the client-side. With PHP, if you want to change what’s on your page, a request needs to be sent to the server to change it, but JS modify your page (show/hide elements, validate forms, animate your page) without ever having to hit the server. This is why, it doesn’t matter what backend technology you’re using, be it Java, .NET, PHP, Node or anything else, if you want to develop full-stack apps, you should know JavaScript.

Personally, I don’t like PHP. I never have (those docs :open_mouth:). But some people do really like it. I prefer nodejs. That way, my entire app, from database to frontend is built using one language, JavaScript.

Also, as @timotheap suggested, check out the guides that @P1xt posted, they’re very comprehensive. I’d probably start with You Don’t Know JS, which is free on GitHub.

You know that this map of web development skills is what freeCodeCamp is all about, right?

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Yes. I am following the map to try to do all of practices

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Yes. PHP is one of back end languages. But sometimes I need to know JS when I use PHP. When I was taking a PHP course, I saw the instructor used JS feature all time for making back end feature show better. I like PHP, but I also need to be master of JS. But should I stop learning PHP, and then learn JS instead??