I've learned HTML, CSS & JS. Now what?

So I’m sitting here. I’m in Codepen looking at the projects I’ve created so far & patted myself on the back because I know I’ve come this far in just 3 months. I never coded up until this year June. Since then I’ve been dedicating 2 hours a day to coding & I am always learning & applying what I’ve learned & just lots of repetition.

I know HTML & CSS well enough to make a static websites. When it comes to JavaScript I understand the basics and can add some minor functionality to a website. I personally feel like I still have SO MUCH to learn about JS in terms of using what I know & applying it.

I also just started college this fall full time (computer science 1st year) and I am putting in the work to get those A’s & B’s. Some days I give up an hour or two of sleep just to get my 2 hours of coding in as I have noticed that a lot of my time is taken up by college and work. 8 week college courses really pile on the readings and such.

Right now I’m currently focused on learning Bootstrap. I just learned SASS which by the way is AWESOME! Like OMG why did no one tell me about this sooner?!?! I’m also going to make more websites with JS to get more comfortable with the language and using it in browser.

My plan is to continue my daily 2 hour grind until I feel I like I know JS like the back of my hand. but I was wondering then what? Is there something right now that I can start learning while getting better with using JS? I guess my question is. Where do I go from here? What do I learn next?

here in chicago I’m seeing so many job postings for php/wordpress developers lol. should I learn those? Any advice is appreciated thanks!

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Learn more of what you like doing.

Look at job posts and decide if that’s what you want to do. Learn those technologies. PHP is widely used, it wouldn’t hurt to know it.

If you want learn more about JS, take a look at JQuery, React, and AngularJS

Look for project tutorials and do those.

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Some people advice you learn according to the jobs, others suggest specializing. For sure what you do want to do is specialize if possible. Choose a path and try to stick to it. For example you would not want to cater to every posting you saw, but if you are observing a market trend and it is your desire to join the market, might want to pick up those skills.

I can confirm that here in Philly there also is a great demand for PHP and actually microsoft technologies as well which I did not expect.

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Keep following FCC. You’ll learn more JavaScript so that you can make exiting, dynamic websites instead of just static ones (there are projects for this). If you keep going you’ll learn to extend beyond just websites to full applications.

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I wanted to say you wont know how much you know until you find out how much you dont know. So expanding your horizons is always a good thing todo, just knowing whats out there helps you know where you stand. :smile:

As other suggested you can continue learning with FCC, as it has a lot of lessons that will help you learn more JS in the later courses. You will end up going into creating a site using React (a front-end framework/library) which more or less pushes javascript front and center to create a website.

An alternative is to learn other material that FCC does not go into (or goes into later) like using nodejs where your left with just javascript in a different environment than the browser.(the node runtime)
This also gives you another view of how javascript can be used, and node provides an environment far more similar to other programming languages, like python.

Finally, Id say there will always be work for PHP/wordpress developers out there, but id consider it a specialization, which shouldn’t be what you aim at if your just starting out. (unless you need a job ASAP) getting a broad view of everything that can be learned, is far more important than specializing early on, as you will get a better idea of where you stand so you can decide for yourself early on :slight_smile: