What to do? What learn? Work?

Hello Campers!
I am in front-end for some time and need your advice.
I know of course HTML5 at decent level, advanced CSS3 (including media queries, animations), know foundaments of javascript (arrays, iterration, objects, mathematical operations, functions, variables).
I can edit jQuery scripts at some level, currently I am learning about AJAX and DOM.
I can use also git. I know some SQL and basics of PHP.
Now I have a question :
Since I have done some websites (ąround 10 projects for real-life clients) and I still have 1,5 years of being at collage (not really related to programming)
Should I go for SASS, Node.js and Angular tutorials and learn them to be decent, or get more projects to portfolio or try to find some lower-level part-time job in frontend?
I have to admit that i am lost a bit :frowning:

Hey @macieqx. Figure out what tech you love using and build one or two projects your really proud of. I was building Angular apps for fun and, lo and behold, I now work at a company heavily invested in Angular.

Don’t worry about making the right choice. And don’t look at those stupid charts showing how much money you earn for one language vs another. Focus on the languages and frameworks that will make you a happy developer. There will be a job for you somewhere.