Applied for the internship - need some advice

Hey there. It’s been about a month and a half when I started learning JS(again). A few days ago I just randomly bumped into some “internships required” ad on job listings site. I replied thinking “They won’t call me back, but at least I will try”. Everything that they wanted for an intern to have were HTML, CSS and basic JS knowledge. “We are gonna help you grow” said an ad.
So, today I got a call. A guy greeted me and asked about my appliance. We talked for a little. Than he said “We need you to complete a test Angular job. I know that you are not familliar with Angular, so you can have your time”.
This test job is pretty simple, but, since I’m unfamilliar with this framework(I was only starting to learn Jquery), I need your advice. What are your suggestions? Where do I start? I was considering Scrimba’s Angular course. What else?
I understand that I’m gonna need a lot more information in the future, but just for the start, what would you recomend to get familliar with? actually has a pretty good tutorial where they walk you through creating an Angular application with CRUD opperations.

I concur with @ArielLeslie. is where you need to be to learn just about all the foundations along with code samples. It is very well documented. Angular in Depth and Netanel Basal on medium also have very useful post on various angular topic.

Word of advice, Angular is far from jQuery, so don’t try think in the same way. Typescript is also mostly just JavaScript syntax with a little typing thrown in. Don’t get thrown off just because it seems foreign. Follow along with the tutorial and you can write a basic angular app in no time

Yeah, thanks
I understand that they are different. I dont really know why I mentioned Jquery. I just wanted to say that I know nothing aside from plain JS, that’s it.
I was also considering to take some Typescript courses, but you planted a seed of doubt in me. Can I get all needed typescript knowledge from guide?

It should get you far enough that you can google the specific topics that you want more information about.