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So ive just been interning at this company for 6 months, their stack is angular, core( C#), MSSQL and basically every microsoft product in between.

The internship has pretty much sucked. Im not being given enough tasks, everything is either too hard or too easy, my boss expects me to become a fullstack dev soon and i feel like im just not learning enough. I dont even have a mentor to guide me in anything really. I was promised id be taught wordpress but the other employee was busy.

So, im thinking of doubling down in something i like, like core and MSSQL. And get a backend job.
I also wanna learn react and completely get ahold of both angular and react.

what do you think i should do guys? Any suggestions? Any projects i should persue to learn faster? I was also looking at certificates so please let me know.

Yours truly, desperate intern

I’d focus on specialising either in frontend or backend depending on your interest.

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Hi @triunai !

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I would suggest sitting down with your manager and providing more detail on what you mean by to har and to easy.

I think you should say things like, “In the last sprint, I was working on this feature but the requirements weren’t really clear and I was stuck on X, Y, and Z. What are some ways I can better work with the team and get help when stuck on tough issues”

I think that points to a dialog and points to specific things you have struggled with.
If they are a good manager, then they will listen to what you have to say and work with you to create a better situation moving forward. You can have a similar dialog with your manager about the easy tasks you do.

Remember that your manager is there to work with you and help you with any issues that come up at work.

Hope that helps


Internship or job, this is actually pretty common. Few companies have their “stuff” together enough to provide a perfect onboarding experience to teach you everything you need, support when and where you need it and enough updated training materials to cover every problem you will encounter, and resources to solve every problem. This is especially true in companies that are growing, or are more “legacy” where there’s lots of solutions “in people’s heads” rather than documented somewhere. This could be big or large companies, so its everywhere.

There’s two ways to think about going about this situation:

  1. This job isn’t for me, I don’t have enough support to ever succeed. I need more and will leave to find a better company with better work fit for me.
  2. This job is a mess, work is for miles, and there are tons of holes that needs fixing. I will stay and try to help fix them.

(There is the third way of staying and just complaining about things, but that doesn’t usually work)

There’s always work, the question is who is there to execute it, and help with it. If you aren’t given enough tasks, ask for more. If those tasks are too tough, then do what you can do “level up” to perform them. Bother those that can help you as efficiently as possible. “I need help with this, idk what to do” is one thing, its another to ask with all the information:
“I need help with this, I already tried X, Y, Z, I looked into A, B, C and ran into J, K, L. Can you help me with this?”

The first is a plea to do work, the second is a request to help with work already in progress. Anyone trying to help you will appreciate the effort you’ve already put in, even if they are too busy to help you directly too much. You will get more out of things the more you put in.

Ask for more work. Ask your boss, ask the person who gave you work last. Ask other bosses, ask the random person sitting next to you. Someone will have something for you somewhere. Try not to make more work by asking others, you might be an intern so its expected to be somewhat of an “expense”, but if you are productive enough as an intern, imagine how a company sees you as an employee.

However, if you do not like the work you are doing, or dislike something else about your internship besides how work is being given to you, then yea sure you can leave. It is an internship not a full-time position. However, I highly recommend making the most of your internship if anything, just so you can leverage the opportunity of experience by gaining as much as you can while you are there which you can then carry over to another position.

Good luck, keep learning, keep growing :+1:


Solid advice man, but at this point i think i should leave the company, i hate the commute here anyway. Thanks for the reassuring advice!

Solid advice, and i did eventually resort to asking staff members and my boss for work. But thanks anyway!

Yep, thinking of sinking deeper into back-end, i feel like the front end market is far too saturated in my country

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