Struggling in career

Hi , I am 25 I have graduated in November 2018 . After that I started my career as a wordpress developer but after 4 months my mother got brain hemorrahage so i had to leave that job, Now after gap of several months I got internship as a Angular developer and they asked me to shift me at backend (Dot net core) . After three months of internship they haven’t offered me permanent position and asking me to shift my domain from web to ios… And they keep telling me you are getting permanent . I really don’t want to shift into ios . I have completed their Project (Angular part). Need your advice

it depends on your situation. are you able to keep this internship going for longer? or do you need to find permanent work very soon?

if you’re being handed meaningful projects from one domain to another, and you’re actually completing the projects— then this qualifies as a dream internship. as you are learning more than any internship normal people have usually offer.

example: normal interns don’t get access to fullstack and web/mew/app experience on their first internship/job.

i hope you’re getting paid.

Hi Janodus I got paid for three months and its 5 months now so I haven’t been paid for two months, and I am more into web Looking to initiate my career as a web developer and stack I would prefer javaScript Front end (Angular , React) backend node but i don’t mind Dotnet also, so shifting from web to ios will ok for me? I know swift as well

now that i have more info: it’s really up to you on this one. if you’re looking for more the mean/mern stack, then you should move if they are not offering it.

try looking for a job in the stack you’re looking for while maintaining the internship- every month is another month to add to your experience in varied stacks.

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Thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile:

I think they’re using your internship for cheap labor and will dispose of you after finishing their apps. Doing that kind of work and not being paid for 2 months. Sounds really fishy. I would’ve left after the second missed paycheck. I know others would’ve left sooner.

I think you should be applying for what you’re most proficient at or try starting your own business. Either way get out of that place if they’re not paying you and moving you around.

I would definitely follow what you have said, Another issue I face while applying at somewhere else is i have to leave office for apprx 2-3 hours and single company usually conducts 2-3 interviews/tests so It becomes really difficult to leave office as I have to justify them why i am leaving…

Yeah but you’re not getting paid. You might be better off spending 8 hours a day applying and interviewing for jobs for the next 2 weeks than continue working for free. You’re trading the opportunity of a new job for $0/mo.

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The longest I did an unpaid internship was for 2 weeks and that was because I had no experience. I got hired on as a Jr after that because I proved I could do the job.

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You are right. I haven’t think about that

oh right.

i mentioned I hope they’re paying you because i believe there are laws that ensure interns must be paid if they are creating beneficial work/production for the company they are interning with.

i’ve seen shadier things happening in the place i live, but people have put up with it due to the experience they can spin, and the sheer amount of competition they’re dealing with.

Exactly This is the thing