Which python curriculum should I start with no programming knowledge?

Hello everyone.

I would like to start learning phyton from scratch and I am wondering what order of paths should I choose from the curriculum. Any suggestion? Thank you very much.

i am fairly sure that fCC teaches it from scratch.
Which course where you thinking of?

Yeah, it starts from scratch, but I think it does assume that you have some programming. It can probably be done but might move a little quickly and assume certain things. I’ve heard people with no coding experience complain about the Python material. I think it was assumed that people would work through the curriculum from the top down.

The curriculum is pretty much top down. Start with the first Python section. But if you want a little programming background, I might do the JS section first to get my feet wet (it works pretty well as a stand alone section).

I took the one that is part of the scientific computing (I believe that is the name) and it was quite well explained I thought (I just skipped the video and answered the questions but when I did listen, I thought the explanation was quite good - like I would expect in a class setting actually)

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for your advice, really appreciate it!

Thanks for your reply Hbar. Yeah, I am doing HTML & CSS at the moment and I am quite enjoying the way they teach, quite clear but making you think.

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