Who here knows Delphi?

I’m just curious to see who else knows the Delphi/Pascal programming language! And chat about it a bit!

Wow, I last used Delphi sometime in 1995. It was awesome for its day, with a screaming fast compiler and source to the entire GUI library.

I don’t know Delphi, but I’m curious… What exactly IS Delphi? What is it used for? Why do you like it. Is there a specific feature that it has that is really useful?

It’s a programming language that’s used on RAD Studio mostly nowadays

Wow,that’s so long ago! Damn,my country’s school curriculum is really old school, lol!

Delphi is an IDE, or as they called it back then, a “RAD Platform” (for Rapid Application Development). The language Delphi uses is Object Pascal, which some (including me) preferred to C++ at the time. The compiler was blazing fast, and the GUI library was well-designed, with some very handy data-binding widgets for DB-backed applications.

I use the past tense because like I mentioned, I last used it in the mid-90’s before discovering languages I liked better. It’s now seen as a very niche language/platform, but it still does have a following.

There’s actually a bit of value in learning to program using a language that isn’t mainstream. It removes all the distractions that come from the ecosystem of other languages, whether it’s libraries or common practices in the dev community.

But yeah the curriculum is probably really old too. Watch out if they tell you to use inheritance for everything.

They don’t mention any of the fancy terms like recursion and inheritance. We mainly work with arrays,text files and databases(only slightly). Btw could I DM you about some stuff relating to Delphi?

Honestly I don’t remember a thing about Object Pascal, but general OOP I can tackle. I tend to keep DM threads fairly short, so I’d encourage asking here in the thread. Besides, there’s got to be someone here with fresher knowledge than me :slight_smile:

XD that’s ok , I’ve forgot some stuff too thx to JS.