Why aren’t my files uploading?

Trying to upload files from a formdata object via javascript. I did everything as described in various forums, none of them work. I get no error at this point but file just won’t upload! It’s in the browser somewhere, the server response of the xhr/fetch is 200, not pending (anymore), everything seems alright, but… where’s the file?

the status of the call is 200 but I the response is empty. I’m new to this fetch API and now I’m confused about how this and AJAX in general work. Does my request actually gets sent? Cause the way this code looks to me is like it just says the connection is OK but it never gets send.

thanks for help

see files here:


I’m not sure whats the issue, but try to fix index.php, there is extra </div> on line 17 or 18

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I figured it out, it works now. But more issues to follow…
thanks so far

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