Why do I hear Docker is no longer in demand?

I’ve heard recently that Docker skills aren’t in demand, rather the demand is on stuff like Kubernetes? I personally have had a tough time working with Docker, and my head explodes the momment I try to figure out why and how I should use something like Kubernetes.

Anyone with experience with either of these common DevOps tools?


Heard from whom/where? Whatever, it’s hogwash, containerization is bigger than ever, and Docker is seen as synonymous with containers (there are others, rarely used). Kubernetes (aka “k8s”) is a platform for orchestrating and deploying containers, much like Docker Swarm. You’d use Kubernetes when you need multiple containers working together (aka “orchestration”) like, let’s say a database container, a webserver container, and a redis container. Kubernetes lets you define your different containers as one logical group, have them share a filesystem, connect to each other over a private virtual network, and start/stop them all with one command. If one of them goes down, you can automatically restart it, and your web traffic gets a spike, you can have it spin up more webservers automatically.

My shop is all cloud-based and going 100% containerized, and we don’t have any plans to use Kubernetes. It’s really made to manage single organizations, whereas we have several clients with no relation to each other whatsoever. Doesn’t help that k8s on AWS isn’t free, whereas ECS is.


I’ve heard (can’t find any references anymore sorry) containerization is bigger than ever, but just knowing Docker isn’t good enough anymore. As you mentioned, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes are orchestration software that uses Docker.

So yea you need to know Docker, but its only a tiny piece of the puzzle, and thus saying “I know Docker” is only part of what your expected to know.

I also don’t use Kubernetes due to its complexity and find it hard to apply to any day to day work.

I see on full-stack job offers that they like to put “Kubernetes” keyword now. I am guessing that mostly they are just listing their full tech stack they are using.

I meet quite many devops at tech events who never used Kubenetes… So personally I plan to learn very basic stuff with it, just enough to start a container.

One project that looks very cool to learn kubernetes, is to combine multiple raspberry pi to reproduce a mini data center, definitely on my todo list for later.