Why do my replies to a post need to be approved?

Is this a new policy? Is my account flagged for some reason? Who do I contact about that? I just replied to a post about someone wanting to get a group together for collaboration but I got a popup that it needs to be approved. I’d appreciate some help fixing this.

The forum has a spam filter, some posts get caught in it even if they have nothing spammy, you just have to wait for a moderator to approve your post

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Got it - I don’t remember that happening in the past.

Maybe you weren’t spamming in the past :grin: :grin: :grin:

I joke. I’ve been caught by it before too. It’s probably certain trigger words that you innocently used that are causing it.

My posts in the same thread is also need to be approved right now.
I see some pattern in it:
this happens when you mention some app which name is: d…rd
May be mistaken tho

You are correct - discord is automatically flagged to help us prevent spam.

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Try leet spelling it :slight_smile:


It worked!

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Oh, so do not mention that word. Hopefully, I remember that.

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