My Post Needs Approval & Don't Know Why!

Hello. I am not sure I can post this topic or not, but today when I gave feedback to a project, a popup appeared that my reply needs to be approved. I don’t know why!!! I am a Member trust level user and I am sure that this is not a new user restriction. Also, it showed me that I only have 1 reply left (don’t know whether I can reply to this topic or not). Please clarify this.


Link to the topic that I replied to:

Here is the screenshot of the reply:

your post may contain a word that is frequently used in spam, and so in our watchlist

If there is nothing wrong your post is appeoved as soon as a mod looks at the review queue


Ok. So, is this automatic? I know that my reply doesn’t contain any offensive words and it is polite. You can see the screenshot in the first post.

Also, will my account get suspended if I reply again?

you did nothing wrong, your post was just caught by the automatic filter. there is no automatic suspension either. if a post is pending, just please don’t try to post it again.


Ok. Thanks for your reply. I now understand. I will wait for some time before posting other replies.

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Update: My post is now approved. I got a notification.

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that’s not needed, you used some word in our watchlist, there are 200 words so I will not check wich one, so the post needed to be reviewed before being posted. Just keep using the forum as normal, no need to worry.

edit: yes, I know, I approved it

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The problem appeared again! I replied to the same topic and it needs approval. So, I better not reply for sometime. Is there any problem with that topic itself?

Update: Now it’s approved.

words in our watchlist. do not worry about that, if your post is not spam it’s approved as soon as possible. keep using the forum as normal. just a bit of patience.

there is no ripercussion for having a pending post.