Why does instagram is using funny class names?

wrt to attached screenshot, please clarify below

  1. Why is Instagram using funny class names ?
    Isn’t it good practice to use “meaningful” class names ?

  2. Is Instagram using plain CSS or some framework like tailwind / bootstrap etc ? How to find out that ?

Instagram is using React, which has its own way of giving classes to elements

When the HTML/CSS code is created through a framework it often doesn’t make sense to humans

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ok, so is there a way to find out which type of CSS is used to style React components here ?

the elements tab shows the css rules and where they come from, the computed tab shows everything that is applied to that element

Can you please share screenshot, I didn’t get you ?

it’s in your screenshot, the second column is the css selectors that select the element and their rules, the third is the Computed tab, where it shows the actual css rules that affect the selected element

Thanks! It was informative

I got confused as in your earlier answer you mentioned elements tab instead of element

Thanks for help

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