Why does it say unindent does not match any indentation level?

print('THE LETTER GAME ! type in a letter and let someone else try to guess what that letter is they can key the leter they guess after you put your letter in also only

letters no numbers  / 1 letter = hardest mor letters the easier')
letters=input('enter your letter of choice can be more than 1:')
for counter in range(1):
    print('NOT LETTERS !!')
**    break**
search=input('enter the letter you guess:')
if search in letters:
  print('You guessed correct ! ')
  print('you got it wrong the correct answers were :') 

** the part that is wrong

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First of all, with all those “**” in your code, we can’t see what your indenting is.

Second of all, what is that first else doing?