Why does this fail: Sum All Numbers in a Range

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So my code continues to fail and I don’t know why?
My suspecion is on line 7 but i am not sure

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function sumAll(arr) {
let myMin = Math.min(arr); //gets the lowest number of the array
let myMax = Math.max(arr);
//get's the highest number of the array

while (myMin < myMax) { //while the biggest number is bigger then the smallest one
return myMin.push(arr);
//return the smallest number and pushes the numbers through


sumAll([1, 4]);

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Challenge: Sum All Numbers in a Range

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consider the below code:

function arith(a, b){
    let sum = a+b;
    let mul = a*b;
    return sum;
    return mul;

In the above code, we’re returning variable sum first, then variable mul
But interesting thing is, as you’re returning the sum, javascript doesn’t evaluate rest of the code in function;

In your case you have used return inside the loop, as soon as you return, javascript will not even evaluate next iteration of the loop, it’ll just stop execution of the function
Hope this helps;


It’s a good catch - the return isn’t doing what you might think. If you look up Array.push(…) on MDN, and look for the section “Returns:” That tells you what the function actually sends back to your code.

In this case, push(…) returns the new length of the array.

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// Try  this method using by spread operator and reduce method.

function sumAll(arr) {
   const minVal = Math.min(...arr)
   const maxVal = Math.max(...arr)
   let list = [] 
   for(let i = minVal; i <= maxVal; i++){
   return list.reduce((prev, next) => prev + next);
console.log(sumAll([1, 4]))

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